Sarah Matthews’ husband has set up a “C” ride tomorrow, Saturday May 12th, for anyone who is interested. The start / stop point will be in the parking lot of the Home Depot at Apple Valley Road and Bear Valley Road. The ride starts at 7:00 a.m.

A “C” ride means there will be a 10-15 mph pace, and no “drops” … the group will wait to make certain that everyone makes it back OK. There will also be plenty of rest stops.

Here is a map of the route.

To my knowledge, this is only the second organized “C” ride in the last several years. A “C” ride presents a great opportunity to get out, and to meet other cyclists who are either just getting started or just getting back into riding. With the near-perfect weather we’ve had this Spring, you owe it to yourself to air up your tires and get out on the road again.

Here is the VVBC Facebook page, which contains ride announcements and other local cycling news.

If you’re too fast for a “C” ride, the VVBC also offers faster “B” and still faster “A” rides on Saturday and Sunday. Here is the website of the Victor Valley Bicycle Club (VVBC) with all the details.