• Adelanto City Council meeting

    Local super-cyclist Chuck Hanson is on the agenda of this week’s Adelanto City Council meeting to talk about bike lanes in Adelanto. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM, and we’re urging all cyclists in the high desert to attend to support Chuck. Once there, you too can sign up to address the city council, and voice your opinion. The meeting is open to everyone, not just to residents of Adelanto.

  • Bike fitting

    Victorville Cycles now offers professional fitting consultations. It takes approximately two hours and costs $125.00. Kevin is certified by Trek and has done several fittings already with fantastic feedback. If you’re interested, call and schedule an appointment.

  • Just remember …

    Just remember as you bike around the high desert, bundled up against the cold and swerving to avoid the puddles and wash-outs, that Global Warming is the reason why our temperatures are so high, and that we’re in a La Nina year, so it’s gonna be dry this season.

  • Sunday morning time trial results

    Dave Nocera set up a local time trial so high desert riders wouldn’t have to go down the hill (and pay an entry fee). For this first time trial of the series, the riders were Dave Nocera, Greg Nowacki, and Tommie Stephenson.

  • VVBC A group riders

    I was standing by the side of the road this morning with my camera, minding my own business, when who should ride by but the VVBC A group?

  • Sunday morning time trial set

    Sorry about the late notice, but there will be a time trial this morning at 8:00 A.M. at Virginia Park in Apple Valley (on Central, just north of Waalew). It is being put on by members of the Victor Valley Bicycle Club, with an aim toward making this a monthly event. The first riders go off at 8:30. There’s no cost, and everyone is welcome. See the announcement here: https://vvcycling.49.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=108

  • C rides

    The Victor Valley Bicycle Club already offers A and B rides: A rides for the truly speedy, and the B rides for those less so. The B rides are billed as “no drop,” which usually means that no matter how slow you are, someone will wait for you.

  • Update on local road conditions

    Although the adverse road conditions created by the recent storms weren’t too bad, they were widespread enough that road crews have yet to get everything cleaned up fully. Be prepared for small patches of sand, dirt, and gravel.

  • Discount coupons available

    On a recent trip south (AKA “down the hill”), I stopped by Peoplemovers in Orange, which sells all manner of bicycles, but mostly recumbents. Jim the owner gave me a handful of coupons good for $50 off on the purchase of a bike from them. So, if you are in the market for a recumbent and don’t mind going to Orange, make certain you get one of these coupons from me first. If you do buy a bike, Jim will kick back a couple bucks to me, which will help offset the cost of maintaining this site.

  • Winter road conditions

    The recent rains have left a lot of debris on the roads, but the road crews seem to be getting things cleaned up pretty quickly. You still have to pay attention to the deeper piles and sand, dirt, and mud, as the narrow tires commonly found on road bikes don’t negotiate these too well. You also have to pay attention to the gravel that’s washed out onto the roadway, as some of the pieces are sharp enough to slice your sidewalls.

  • BMX Freestyle coming to Apple Valley

    The Apple Valley town council has approved around $248,000 to upgrade James Woody Skatepark to allow BMX bikes. The town took in over $300,000 from the sale of a cell tower located in one of our parks. They are using the money from that to upgrade the park.

  • Dale Evans Bike Lane Kick-Off

    Bring your bike as we ride the Dale Evans Parkway bike lane. Meet at the Lenny Brewster Sports Center, 21024 Otoe Road on March 24th at 6:30 pm. The ride starts at 6:45 pm. The ride will be to Waalew Road and back. Helmets are a must.

  • Lights for night riding

    Recent studies have shown that multiple lights on your bike are more visible to drivers than a single super-bright light.

  • All-around strength

    The December 2010 issue of Bicycling magazine (pg. 46) had an article on how to work out to supplement your cycling. Unfortunately, the regimen and process discussed won’t be for everyone.

  • Get Your Bike Travel Fix on Route 66

    Adventure Cycling’s planned 2,400-mile bicycle-friendly route will revitalize the “Main Street of America” — this time with touring cyclists.

  • 2010 Tour de Apple Valley wrap-up and results

    On arriving at Civic Center Park in Apple Valley last Saturday for the start, many of us may have yearned for last year’s September start at 8:00 A.M., as opposed to this year’s cold 7:00 A.M. start in the dark. While the sun may technically have been up when the ride started, it was still behind the mountains, and everyone seemed chilled.

  • Photos from the 2010 Tour de Apple Valley

    2010 Tour de Apple Valley

  • Road conditions for the 2010 Tour de Apple Valley

    This week’s rains have played havoc with some of the local roads, so in addition to the one-hour-earlier start time and the one-month-later start date, riders will have to contend with some temporary road hazards, mostly in the form of sand, dirt, and gravel on the roadway.

  • Dale Evans Parkway update, October 17th

    Dale Evans Parkway has now been completely repaved between Otoe and Waalew, although it has yet to be striped. It seems much wider now, so there should be plenty of room for the bike lanes.

  • Reflective strips help cyclists shine like a beacon at night

    CYCLISTS wearing bright fluorescent clothing at night are not as safe as they think, especially when sharing the road with older drivers, a study shows.