There’s now a new deadline of March 17th to submit letters in support of the new bike lane. Here’s a sample letter:

Mr. Richard Pedersen, P.E. Deputy Town Engineer Town of Apple Valley 14055 Dale Evans Parkway Apple Valley, CA 92307

RE: 2011-12 Bicycle Transportation Account Application

To Whom It May Concern:

I support every effort to make bicycling a safe, accessible activity in our region. The proposed Class I bike path along the north side of Bear Valley Road from the existing Class 1 bike path at the intersection of Apple Valley Road and Bear Valley Road to the Victor Valley College will encourage a healthier life style for Victor Valley residents by increasing the access to such an important destination.

There are gaps in connectivity currently facing Apple Valley residents when they consider riding their bikes to work, commercial destinations and to the region’s only college located in Victorville. This project will resolve the connectivity issue between Apple Valley and the Victor Valley College and could potentially increase the interest in biking to this newly accessible destination. With the continuously growing obesity and heart disease problem that this nation faces, encouraging physical activity among the Victor Valley residents makes sense.

Finally, with the elevated public interest in active transportation, this project is ideal to help the Victor Valley become a region leader in the sustainable community movement and the emerging green economy. Not only is non-motorized transportation good for the environment, it is better for the health and well being of our residents.

Thank you for your consideration.


The more tangible support we get from the community (that’s us), the better our chances of seeing this happen.