APPLE VALLEY — A local man with more than 400,000 miles on his bicycle is organizing one of the High Desert’s largest bike rides.

After moving to Apple Valley nearly 15 years ago, Chuck Hanson, 83, created several High Desert bike events, including the annual Chuck Hanson Tour de Apple Valley, which takes over a few miles of roadway on Oct. 19.

The event began in 2008 and was financed by the town of Apple Valley until Hanson and his wife, Pat, organized and facilitated the entire event themselves two years ago, which saved the town nearly $6,000.

“Our new goal is to promote bike riding and to raise funds for more bike lanes in the High Desert,” Chuck Hanson said. “We’re really hoping for a big turnout this year. It’s a perfect time for a ride, just before the Happy Trails Cook Off at Lenny Brewster Park.”

Pat Hanson said some of the growing family of sponsors are Powerbar, Wal-Mart, Where’s The Fire Pizza, US Bank, CareMore Insurance, Apple Valley Communications, High Desert Cycling, and the Hanson Cycling Foundation.

This year’s bike event includes 30- and 60-mile courses, as well as a 10-mile family course. Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m. with the race [sic] starting 30 minutes later. Riders under 18 must obtain parental permission.

“The tour is open to riders of all ages,” Hanson said. “They just need a bike and, most importantly, a helmet.”

For more information and to register for the Tour de Apple Valley, go to

Source: Rene De La Cruz, Staff Writer,