In recognition of National Bicycle Safety Month in May, we’d like to share some safety tips for bicyclists and drivers from the Riverside Police Department, which frequently conducts bike safety enforcement operations around the city.

Also be aware that May 16-22 is National Bike to Work Week this year, so there may be more bicyclists than usual on roads. This means drivers should be extra careful this week to share the roads with bicyclists.

Bicyclists: Wear a helmet. It’s required by law for those 18 and younger. Bike riders must travel in the same direction as traffic and follow all traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs. Make yourself visible as well while bicycling with bright or reflective clothing and plenty of lights on your bike.

Drivers: Don’t drive distracted. Stay off your cellphone. Wait for pedestrians to cross the street. Look for pedestrians when backing up, turning at intersections or entering and exiting shopping centers.

Finally, here’s a fun bicycle historical factoid: The first bicycle-like transportation device was invented in 1817 by a German baron named Karl von Drais. His design was a two-wheeled horseless vehicle propelled forward by the rider that was known as a “draisienne.” This invention had enormous potential and it didn’t take long for other people to start making copies despite von Drais having received a patent for his invention in France. He failed to find commercial success and later on, others improved on his device, leading to today’s bicycle.

Source: Amy Bentley, The Sun