It seems that Michael Bruce Slusser is back in the news again.

If you remember, in May of 2012 Slusser cut a deal with authorities for three years’ probation for running down local cyclists Tim Moreno and Steve Stearns with his truck (and leaving the scene of the accident) while under the influence.

Typically, you wouldn’t think that probationers would be allowed to leave the country, but apparently Slusser has done just that, without obtaining permission, no less.

We’re informed that Slusser has been spotted in Belize, where he apparently spent the week in Belize City. While there, the report is that he told someone who is involved in litigation with him, “You will regret you took me to court because I know where you live.”

Attempts have been made to contact Slusser’s parole officer (Tolson), but she seems to be on leave. A phone call to Tolson was forwarded to an Officer Zavala, who was not in, and she never returned the call. An Officer Razo — who is filling in for Tolson in Slusser’s case file — has been notified about Slusser’s travels. After considerably prodding, Razo eventually promised that someone would check if Slusser had left the country, and if so, that a bench warrant would be issued for him. However, Razo did not commit to a time when the probation department would be performing the check, so it could well be after Slusser returns from Belize. Given Officer Razo’s seeming apathy on the topic, it’s a stretch to image him (or anyone else in the probation department) taking the next step and checking Slusser’s passport, but you never know.

There is video that purports to show Slusser in Belize as of a couple days ago, and we hear that a former prime minister of Belize is willing to testify that he met with Slusser and others for more than an hour in Belize City.

Because of the apparent difficulty in gaining traction with the authorities about this matter, combined with Slusser’s previous behavior and his current threats, the hope is that within the high desert cycling community we can come up with the names and contact information (preferably including e-mail, to facilitate communication from Belize) of others we can contact to confirm or deny the rumors of Slusser’s whereabouts.

If you know anyone who might be in a position to push (or undertake) an investigation of the allegations of Slusser’ recent travels out of the country, please contact me and I will forward the information to the appropriate persons.

Is this Michael Bruce Slusser at 3:00 PM on April 8th, 2014, in front of 91 North Front Street, Belize City, Belize?