VICTORVILLE — After four decades of economic highs and lows, one High Desert business is not only standing, but thriving.

Kevin and Carol Kraatz, owners of Victorville Cycles, are celebrating their shop’s 40th year of operation in Victorville. They recently moved into a 3,200-square-foot building near Spring Valley Lake.

“We have a great community that has supported us from that tiny shop in downtown Victorville,” said Kevin Kraatz, 48, who took over the shop from his parents, Frank and Joyce, in 1995. “My parents got involved in cycling in the ’60s, so as a family we’ve moved past our 50th year in the biking world.”

The couple said their shop is open for business and will be announcing a grand opening event some time later this month.


The couple said they are excited about the future, and said they will continue to serve their customers as they spread the word about the healthy and financial benefits of cycling. “The High Desert is bike-loving area and we appreciative their sup port over the years, Kevin Kraatz said. “We don’t care what people ride, we just want to help those who do ride.” Victorville Cycles is at 12120 Ridgecrest Road Suite 208. For more information, call 760-245-5900 or visit