The number of loose dogs on Quarry Road has been way down for several months, but apparently this is still dependent on the luck of the draw, rather than on any conscientiousness on the part of the resident of the house just west of Dale Evans Parkway. In fact, even when the owners are in the yard, they exercise little control over dogs that chase cyclists, and the dogs themselves don’t act as if they have training of any sort.

There seem to be up to a dozen dogs, and at least half of them will chase you if they feel like it.

There are two problems with reporting these instances, though.

The first is that this residence lies outside of the jurisdiction of the Town of Apple Valley’s Animal Services, so you have to call Animal Control for San Bernardino County.

The second is that the physical address of this residence is not obvious.

However, Animal Control is well aware of the problem, so the more calls, the better.

County Animal Control can be reached at 800-472-5609.

Apple Valley Animal Services can be reached at 760-240-7000, ext. 7555. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.