I have set up a special account with Desert Community Bank (DCB) to hold donations for a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver involved in the hit-and-run on Apple Valley Road last Saturday.

The name of the account is “Reward Pool Account.” If you wish to donate you have a couple options:

  • Hand me your donation next time you see me, and I’ll make the deposit into this account;

  • Make your check out to “Reward Pool Account” and send it to me at PO Box 1710, Apple Valley, CA 92307, which I will then deposit into this account;

  • Make your check out to me (Greg Raven) and I’ll deposit it into this account;

  • Transfer money using Paypal to my account ([email protected]), and I’ll transfer it to the reward account

I’ve opened the account with $100. As donations come in, I’ll post each donor’s name and donation amount on-line here. If you donate directly to DCB, please let me know so you’ll get credit.

If the driver is caught without us needing to spend the reward money, each donor can let me know whether to return the money, donate the money to a good cause (the Police Activities League comes to mind), leave the money in the account against any possible future needs, or whatever else you wish to do with it.

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, so if I’ve missed something, let me know.

Get those checkbooks out!