A mountain lion has been spotted going in and out of backyards near the Hesperia Golf Course for the last several days, according to residents.

“We’ve seen it numerous times over the last two weeks,” Kirsten McKinnon said. The animal has been spotted in her backyard on Sutter Street and Arrowhead Lake Road near the Hesperia Golf Course.

McKinnon and her fiancé, David Kinzle, first thought it was a bobcat until one day last week when their neighbor’s children went out to play in their backyard, the cat ran away and the couple was able to get a good look at it.


Officials warn anyone in the area to keep small pets and children indoors and if anyone spots the animal to immediately call animal control at (760) 947-1700 or 911.

Source: vvdailypress.com/news/hesperia-28258-lion-mountain.html