A cycling event took place over the weekend in Victorville.

Majestic Cycling hosted the event along with the UCLA Cycling team.

This race was part of USA Cycling. Additionally, it was also part of the WCCC (Western Collegiate Cycling Conference). “We were glad to see riders from all over the State and collegiate teams participating in the event. We have been hosting this event in Victorville for over 6 years,” said Alfie Sanchez, event director for Majestic Cycling.

The organization says it’s thankful to the City of Victorville for allowing the event in the city. Riders that participated this year came from all over Southern California, including participants from UCLA, USC, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Davis, San Diego University, San Jose State, and Stanford as well as Amateur to Pro Teams from Seattle, Colorado, and Texas.

Sanchez says that Majestic Cycling has been hosting this event in so many different elements that bring some challenges to the riders. He says it’s either cold, windy, or hot, but anticipates that they continue to host these racing events in Victorville for many years to come.

Source: HD Daily News