Majestic Cycling is putting on the Second Annual Victorville Time Trial, Road Race, and Criterium April 7th-9th 2017. There will be SoCal Cup Points for PRO 1/2 Cat 3 and Women Pro 1/2/3.

As with last year, the time trial and road race will be held at George AFB. Sunday’s criterium course will again be at Victorville Civic Center.

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Event details

Friday, April 7th Time Trial: Register online only. There is no same day registration.

Saturday, April 8th Road Race: USAC category race and all rules apply. The course is an 6.2-mile loop, which is classified as being a little technical with good asphalt. The course will be open to business traffic only during the race. All race rules apply.

Sunday, April 9th Criterium: USAC race and all rules apply. Each lap is 1.15 miles with 5 corners. The course is flat and fast, with good asphalt. All podiums will be 15 minutes after your race. All USA Cycling rules apply.

Wheel Pit: Wheel in/ Wheel out. Free lap rule applies.

Registration (road race and criterium only): One hour before each scheduled race, closes 15 minutes before each scheduled race time. Same day registration add $15.00 late fee. May register for either race both days, day of. No Refunds Rain or shine. All primes and cash winning must be claimed after each event. Must pay highest race first. Registration and early packet pickup will be at the Holiday Inn Express from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. Registration closes April 4, 2017, at 10 P.M. Mountain Time.

Fees: Fees include USAC Insurance and SCNCA Surcharge: Additional Road Race or Crit Extra races $20.00 Register @ Majestic Cycling 909-297-6353

Please make out all checks, Money orders to Majestic Cycling, NO TEMPORARY CHECKS. Or Credit Cards.

Same day license will be available at registration booth. For Cat 5 MEN, Fixed Gear and Cat 4 WOMEN Only. Same day waivers must be filled out day of event. Packet pick up Holiday Inn Express from 3-6 Thursday, March 2017.

Fixed Gear Rules

  • Track bikes are required

  • Drop bars, with bar tape, plugged ends and without brake levers are required for Road Race & Crit

  • A lock-ring securing the cog is required

  • All components of the bike must be in good condition

  • Excessively large gear ratios are prohibited (determined on a case-by-case basis at the race director’s discretion)

  • Lights and reflectors are prohibited

  • Time trial equipment is prohibited for Road Race and Crit. (Aero spokes, disc wheel, Spinergy, tri-spokes, rims deeper than 90mm, etc)

  • Time trial equipment is allowed during the Time trial only.

  • Fixed-gear conversions are prohibited

  • Tubular tires must be installed properly with glue in good condition. Tires must not be glued on race day.

  • Chains and chain rings must match (⅛ to ⅛)

  • Rear axle must sit entirely within the dropout

  • Clipless pedals and shoes are required (pedal/toe straps are prohibited)

  • Helmets that meet the US DOT, CPSC standard, or European CEN Certification are required

  • Jerseys with sleeves are required

  • Headphones are prohibited

  • Race numbers (bib and/or bike mounted) are mandatory for scorekeeping purposes. Number placement instructions are provided at number pickup

  • All USAC Rules apply.