VICTORVILLE — The host of the Emmy-winning reality show Amazing Race is embarking on a cross-country bike trek. His first stop? Victorville.

“This is quite insane,” Phil Keoghan said with a laugh, of his planned 3,700-mile trip.

A main focus of the journey is raising awareness and funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Keoghan has a family member affected by the disease and said he has long supported the charity through his California cycling team.

But his motivation for the trip doesn’t stop there.

The trip will also allow him to promote bike riding and check “going on a very long bike journey” off the “life list” he’s had since he was 19.

Finally, Keoghan’s ride coincides with the launching of his NOW One Square Meal with GNC — which he’ll use for sustenance along his journey, which ends in New York City at the same time the Amazing Race teams roll into town for the show’s finale.

For the first leg of his journey, Keoghan will be leaving from Santa Monica this morning and biking 118 miles into Victorville.

He said they chose the “key city of the High Desert” as his first stop after his team looked out a map and picked a spot roughly 100 miles out of Los Angeles.

Source: Brooke Edwards,

See a video clip of Keoghan’s documentary here.