VICTORVILLE — The City Council this week unanimously approved construction and maintenance agreements with stakeholders for bike pathway as part of the Mojave Riverwalk project.

In two separate actions, the Council signed off on agreements with the San Bernardino County Public Works and Regional Parks departments and Victor Valley College and Southern California Edison.

The $4.4 million project is split into two sections, but in total will include 11.1 miles of bikeways and lanes in the areas of VVC and Old Town.

The first area consists of 4 miles of Class I bike path, or paved rights-of-way separated from streets, starting near Bear Valley Road and Fish Hatchery Road at the college, continuing through the flood control levee to the Yucca Loma Bridge.

The path will continue under the bridge, paralleling Yates Road on the north shoulder and continue to the Mojave Narrows Regional Park entrance. It will extend nearly a mile into the park from Yates Road and boast a turnaround loop.

The second area consists of 7.1 miles of Class II bike lane, or a striped lane on a street authorizing one-way bike travel, connecting through Old Town to an existing Class I bike path at the Mojave River.

The lane jurisdiction includes Hesperia Road from Green Tree Boulevard to Forrest Street, Sixth Street, C Street, Fourth Street, the transportation center at D Street, Sixth Street and to the Mojave River Levee.

Green Tree Boulevard and Seventh Street will complete a bike lane loop with Hesperia Road.

Construction is expected to begin in 2018.

Source: Daily Press/news/20180120/bike-path-lane-agreements-okd-near-vvc-old-town)