The seemingly endless resurfacing project on Apple Valley Road, has me wondering who the project manager is. My project managing experience comes from being involved with space track stations and major Communication sites. This project has so many loose ends I am glad my name isn’t connected with it.

One serious problem is the lack of striping to keep the traffic in the proper lanes and out of the bike lanes. The striping should have been done the next day after the surfacing was applied.

Monday 11-20-17 was 40 days since surfacing was applied and the striping still wasn’t completed. This has been a major safety problem.

Speaking on safety, at the 8-23-17 Council meeting, the Town engineer gave a presentation on funding available for road improvement. He showed a slide for Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation available funds. The first item on that list was safety.

That brings to mind another safety issue that was brought to the council’s attention years ago and should have been part of this surfacing project. That is the addition of rumble strips between the traffic lane and the bike lane on this major town road. It would have helped to keep distracted and drowsy drivers in the traffic lane and improve the safety of bike riders and pedestrians.

Lawrence McCarthy, Apple Valley, CA