VICTORVILLE — Design plans for the $4.4 million Mojave Riverwalk project, which will mix bike paths and lanes and feature a trailhead ending near Victor Valley College, continue to be reviewed by the city, the school and San Bernardino County leading up to expected construction next fall.


The 11.1-mile project features a 4-mile bike path beginning near Bear Valley and Fish Hatchery roads, continuing on top the flood control levee to the Yucca Loma Bridge, passing under the bridge, paralleling Yates Road on the north should and proceeding to the Mojave Narrows Regional Park entrance.

A nearly 1-mile-long and 10-foot-wide path extending into the park from Yates Road will boast a turnaround loop.

The second and larger 7.1-mile portion of the project scope will be a bike lane connecting through Old Town to a bike path already at the Mojave River.

The Riverwalk project has underscored the city’s ambitions to boost it bicycle infrastructure after acknowledging it lagged behind neighboring municipalities. A separate five-year, $12-million plan calls for installing 44 centerline miles of bikeways throughout the city.

City Engineer Brian Gengler said this month that the city expects construction on the Riverwalk, which will be grant-funded, to begin in the fall of 2017.

Source: Shea Johnson, Daily Press