• From the Town of Apple Valley

What is the Project? The Town of Apple Valley is the lead agency for the construction of a Class 1 bike path from the Town of Apple Valley to the College along the north side of Bear Valley Road. A Class 1 bike path is a separate paved path designed to accommodate 2-way bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

What is the Purpose for the Project? A Class 1 bike path will provide both bicyclist and pedestrians an improved route of travel, and motorists an option of a more healthy and economical way to get to and from the College.

Who is supporting the project? The Town received 9 letters of support from, bicycle clubs, adjacent cities, San Bernardino Associated Government (SanBag) and the Victor Valley College.

How much will construction cost? The construction cost estimate is approximately $450,000-$475,000. Who is paying for the project? The Town of Apple Valley was successful in getting a grant for $387,370. The balance of the cost is being borne by the Town of Apple Valley.

Can’t we use these funds for other pressing issues? The funds are from the Transportation Development Act (TDA), Article 3, specifically restricted for this type of project.

Why is the Town of Apple Valley administering the project? The Town is administering the project to efficiently facilitate the construction and administration of a much needed multi-jurisdictional project. The project will be beneficial for student residents of Apple Valley.

How does the project fit into the regional picture? The project is consistent with SanBag’s regional “Non-Motorized Transportation Plan”.

What about the River Walk Project? The River Walk Project connects to the proposed Class 1 bike path at Bear Valley Road on the west side of the bridge.

What about going up Mojave Fish Hatchery Road? The project includes plans to construct the bike path along Mojave Fish Hatchery Road from Bear Valley Road to Jacaranda Road.

Have you looked at other options to the alignment going up from Bear Valley Road to the upper campus? Town staff, College staff, and the Town’s design engineer, Hall and Foreman, Inc, have evaluated 4 other options to connect the bike path to the upper campus.

Does the project include any landscaping? The project does not include landscaping.

Who is going to own and maintain the bike path? The Town will own and maintain the portion of the bike path within the Town’s public right of way, east of the bridge, the Victor Valley College will own and maintain the portion west of the Mojave River Bridge.

How much is it going to cost to maintain the bike path?

The Town currently maintains several miles of Class 1 bike paths throughout the Town. When properly designed and constructed, maintenance has been very minimal. Maintenance for Class 1 bikes path is similar to maintaining sidewalks. Because bicycle paths are restricted to non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, maintenance is less than maintaining streets.

Segment 1: Reata Road to the bridge

Segment 2: The bridge to Mojave Fish Hatchery Road

Segment 3: Mojave Fish Hatchery Road to the upper campus

Webmaster note: It is my understanding that this project has been broken into four separate projects (including the bridge project itself) for funding reasons. The three segments shown above are designated Phase 1, while the bridge project is designated Phase 2.