Apple Valley seems to have finished the repaving of Rancherias north of Hwy 18, and as a bonus, there are now bike lanes on either side.

Rancherias looking north

The northbound bike lane runs from Serrano to Zuni, and the southbound lane runs from Zuni to Hwy 18. Pay attention when traveling south on Rancherias, because now there’s a stop sign at Thunderbird. Even though there’s one block with no bike lane between Thunderbird and Serrano, the road has been widened so there shouldn’t be any issues as long as you’re not fighting for road supremacy with a transit bus pulling into or out of the bus stop there. Actually, it’s much better on Rancherias north between Thunderbird and Serrano than it is on Thunderbird west between Tonekai and Rancherias, where the Thunderbird bike lane peters out.

The condition of the pavement on Rancherias was getting pretty dodgy, so the repaving is welcome improvement with or without the bike lanes. The only drawback is that because the Town currently is adding bike lanes only opportunistically (that is, when it is already doing other road work in an area), these bike lanes don’t connect up with other bike lanes in Apple Valley, which is situation: normal.