APPLE VALLEY — Finally able to respond to public demand, the Town of Apple Valley is adding bicycle lanes little by little.

The latest addition will be on Kiowa Road starting July 14. During work, traffic will be closed between Sitting Bull Road and Yucca Loma Road for a month and traffic will be detoured to Navajo Road. Also a continuous left turn lane will be added to the road.

The Town doesn’t have the money to add its planned bike lanes all at once, said Kathie Martin, public information officer for the Town of Apple Valley.

“Its been a priority for the council for a long time,” said Martin. “Paths are included in construction whenever there is road work done in areas planned to increase bicycle circulation. The other bike lane section of Kiowa Road was done in 2006. We’re also continuing the lane we made from Bear Valley Road to Sitting Bull Road north to Yucca Loma Road.”

This is a step forward for Apple Valley since more cities are becoming bicycle friendly in California, said Chuck Hanson, 78, a bicycle advocate who used to commute to work by bicycle. Hanson helped organize the bicycle ride on Bear Valley Road in May to advocate for more bike lanes in Apple Valley.

“The city should’ve looked ahead. They keep approving all these projects without roads. The cities are growing faster than they can keep the roads up,” said Hanson. “Occasionally I meet people who commute to work at shops in Apple Valley by bicycle. Roads here are dangerous and as bike lanes get connected this will make their commutes easier.”

Source: Tom Risen,