With all the different “social media” options, it’s difficult to decide which to use, let alone which are worthy of your participation. Thanks to the members of the Victor Valley Bicycle Club, two of your choices are easy.

The obvious first pick is the VVBC Facebook page, which goes by the name “Victor Valley Velo.” With 206 members currently, you’ll get a great variety of local cycling news and tidbits, as well as ride announcements and reports.

The second pick might not be so obvious, but it represents a great example of how social media can bring people together. It’s the VVBC “club” page on Strava. To be honest, I was shocked to find that VVBC had a club page on Strava, and to see how many riders here in the high desert are posting their GPS ride data on Strava. As good as it is, it could be even better: With only 24 high desert riders having joined the VictorValley Bicycle Club page on Strava, there’s a lot of potential for growth. If every rider in the high desert who is already using Strava joined the VVBC Strava club, the size of the group would more than double.

If you’re already on Strava and you haven’t joined the VVBC club, surf over to the VVBC club page and add your two cents. If you’re worried about publishing your ride information on-line, check out this post.

Hope to see you there!