Discount coupons available

On a recent trip south (AKA “down the hill”), I stopped by Peoplemovers in Orange, which sells all manner of bicycles, but mostly recumbents. Jim the owner gave me a handful of coupons good for $50 off on the purchase of a bike from them. So, if you are in the market for a recumbent and don’t mind going to Orange, make certain you get one of these coupons from me first. If you do buy a bike, Jim will kick back a couple bucks to me, which will help offset the cost of maintaining this site.

Contact me to get a coupon.

Winter road conditions

The recent rains have left a lot of debris on the roads, but the road crews seem to be getting things cleaned up pretty quickly. You still have to pay attention to the deeper piles and sand, dirt, and mud, as the narrow tires commonly found on road bikes don’t negotiate these too well. You also have to pay attention to the gravel that’s washed out onto the roadway, as some of the pieces are sharp enough to slice your sidewalls.
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