CalTrans clean-up on Hwy 18

CalTrans has a crew out power-sweeping the “bike lane” on the south side of Hwy 18 through Apple Valley — finally. With any luck, they’ll do the whole thing, both sides, through Apple Valley, so those of us with skinny tires don’t have to venture into the traffic lanes to avoid all the debris in the emergency/bike lane that’s been there since the last resurfacing.

Apple Valley Road cleaning

The street cleaner was out on Apple Valley Road yesterday, so the piece of gypsum board is gone from the SB bike lane, as is the “lick” of sand, rocks, and gravel on the NB side of the intersection with Keota. They seem not to have cleaned all the way down to Bear Valley Road, so there is still some debris and the odd section with broken glass, but overall, riding conditions are now much better.

Bike fitting

Victorville Cycles now offers professional fitting consultations. It takes approximately two hours and costs $125.00. Kevin is certified by Trek and has done several fittings already with fantastic feedback. If you’re interested, call and schedule an appointment.

Just remember …

Just remember as you bike around the high desert, bundled up against the cold and swerving to avoid the puddles and wash-outs, that Global Warming is the reason why our temperatures are so high, and that we’re in a La Nina year, so it’s gonna be dry this season.