Ride for bike lanes wrap-up

The 2011 Bike Ride for Bike Lanes along Bear Valley Road from Victorville to Apple Valley went smoothly this afternoon, thanks to organizers Pat and Chuck Hanson, with the able assistance of Apple Valley town councilmember Barb Stanton.

2011 Rike for Bike lanes group
2011 Ride for Bike Lanes group

Thanks also to Lena Quinonez, representing Health Apple Valley, for attending and supplying water and snacks at the finish line. Finally, thanks to Kevin Mahany, Director of Advocacy & Healthy Communities at St. Mary Medical Center, for being on hand to take photos.

Unfortunately, the turn-out seemed low compared to last year. It may not seem like it, but elected officials do pay attention to how many people turn out for these events. In Apple Valley, for example, there is a strong equestrian “lobby.” As a result, horse trails are a higher priority than bike lanes for Apple Valley Parks and Rec, despite the fact that if gas prices continue to soar, the average person is more likely to throw his leg over a bike than over a horse.

Author: Greg Raven

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  1. Thank you for posting the link to my photos! I’m in the process of editing the footage I took and will be uploading it in a while.

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